The Seed Revolution

At The Spring House we believe that there is wisdom in everyone being able to grow or provide at least some of their own food. The benefits for us individually and communally are nutritional, physical, emotional, and spiritual. The benefits to our planet are immense. It all begins with a seed.

We began wondering what we could do to support that belief? The Seed Revolution was our answer.

The word “revolution” come from the Latin “revolutio” meaning “to turn back”.[i]  Through The Seed Revolution we are hoping to return to a world where we all knew how to grow our own food. Not a return to the past, but a turning to a good future on this planet.

For an introduction to what we are doing, please start at the Beginnings page, and please be sure to use the links there to go to the article by Dr. Vandana Shiva, and to the movie ‘Tomorrow’ as well.

The Seed Revolution

The work of The Seed Revolution will be comprised of two key areas:

  • SEEDS of REVOLUTION [blog] – Providing education and information for those interested in growing their own food. This area will be comprised of providing a blog with articles on growing your own food, and other related topics, including some written by a variety of guest authors. While some of these items will be geared towards beginner-intermediate gardeners, we hope that the information found here will also be of interest to those that have been gardening for years.
  • GO to SEED [project] – Providing ways for gardeners to share seed & plants with each other. (This project will primarily take place in the Spring, to help people share extra seeds & plants with each other.

[The Seed Revolution is an educational side project of The Spring House.]

[i] Online Etymology Dictionary, https://www.etymonline.com/word/revolution