This movement is about the power of a seed. It is about living locally, growing our own food, and learning to live life in community with each other and with the green world around us.

While our world is currently in turmoil, and we can often be caught up in feelings of hopelessness, we can also find hope as we all join together, one seed at a time, to change the world and our own communities.

I am thankful at the beginning of this revolution, to have Dr. Vandana Shiva‘s permission to use her quote from the movie, Tomorrow, on our site, and also for her sending me her recent blog post to share with all of you here, about the importance of growing our own food, so we can decrease our foot footprint, and protect the health of the planet and of ourselves. I can’t think of a more inspiring way to start.


Article above by Dr. Vandana Shiva

“You can destroy everything
You can take away our books and our writing
And destroy our culture.
You can kill every tree
Until no bird, no insect can find a place to hide.

You can do that and more.
I don’t fear your tyranny
I do not despair ever, because I saved one seed,
Which I will sow and plant again.”

Dr. Vandana Shiva quoting a Palestinian poem (used by permission)