Go to Seed

What is Go to Seed?

Go to Seed is a project to help provide creative ways for gardeners to share seed & plants with each other during this time of “social distancing”.

Go to Seed events will be events to share extra seeds and plants that gardeners my have.

Sharing Participants will put out a table (or other means) at the end of their driveway or sidewalk with plants that they are willing to share, at no cost, with their neighbors. Sharing Participants will also display a Go to Seed “sign”, so that neighbors know that they are abiding by our guidelines. Sharing Participants will do their best to ensure that pots and other surfaces involved have been cleaned and/or sanitized.

Receiving Participants will visit the Go to Seed locations to pick up plants and seeds. By accepting plants and seeds, Receiving Participants are accepting full responsibility for any risks involved.

Both Sharing Participants and Receiving Participants by participating in the project that they have fully read our Disclaimer, and understand any inherent risks.

This program will allow communities to coordinate days when these Go to Seed events will take place. This website will serve as a hub to communicate these events, and to provide education.


  1. Read our Guidelines & our Disclaimer.
  2. Set a date in your community for a Go to Seed event.
  3. Contact The Seed Revolution with the date, and we will add the event to our site.
  4. Share and print out the official Go to Seed “sign” to be used at the events.

It is that simple!

Go to Seed Guidelines

Go to Seed Events

Go to Seed Sign (coming soon)