Here in Nashville it feels a bit like spring… mild temperatures, birds singing, and that delicious moistness in the air that hints of spring. Winter is not really over yet here of course, but the lengthening days create a stirring inside to connect with the earth and soil.

This is the time of year that everyone can be found with their noses buried deep into seed catalogs or planning out their garden for the year ahead. Perhaps like me, you find yourself actually having dreams about plants.

As the days grow slowly longer, it brings with it for me, the feeling of expansion and promise. I believe, though, that this expansion also comes with responsibility. Not only an increasing responsibility for tending the soil and plants, as the days expand in warmth and light, but also a responsibility to each other, as we slowly come out of the hibernation of winter, and expand into fruitfulness as humans.

What does that look like for you? How are you expanding with the longer and longer days?

Some ideas to consider:

  • Sort through the seeds you have (preferably before you buy more), and identify some of those seeds that you may have an abundance of, especially seeds that you saved yourself, and consider sharing them with others. (You can create a community event and post here: See “GO TO SEED“.)
  • Remember that the seeds in their packets and jars, are not dried up, dead materials, but are little packets of life. (Ponder that when you have a moment of quiet.)
  • Consider donating your time or resources to either a local or other organization that supports seed sovereignty.
  • Dig one more new bed before Spring (whenever that is for you) for growing some new food or native plants. Even if it is just 1 new square foot. Think about that new area as a place where you will tend the soil, rather than thinking of it as just another place to grow a new plant.
  • If it is still cold where you are, find a book to inspire you, on your journey of being part of The Seed Revolution.

Peace & love,